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About Our Company

Kremlin Optics specializes on the wholesale and retail sales and shipping of the optical devices and phototechnique worldwide! We do business with many manufacturers of photo optics in Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia.

Kremlin Optics offers the great variety of optical devices and phototechnique:

Photo Cameras and Lenses:

* Reflex and compact Zenit Cameras;
* Panoramic Horizon Cameras;
* Medium format Kiev cameras;
* Wide range of Photo Objective Lenses including super-wide-angle Fisheye Lenses;
* Long focal length lenses and super long focal length Catadioptric Lenses.

Night Vision Devices:

* Binoculars (Pulsar, Yukon, Baigish, BNV, Dipol, Filin, etc.);
* Goggles (Pulsar, Yukon, Baigish, Dipol, ON, NZT, etc.);
* Scopes (
Pulsar, Yukon, Helios, Dipol, NZT, Zenit, TNS, etc.);
* Rifle Scopes (
Pulsar, Yukon, Dipol, Falcon, NVRS, PNS, etc.);
* Generation 2, 2+ NV Devices (
Pulsar, Yukon, Baigish, Dipol, PN, etc.);
Infrared Illuminators (
Pulsar, Yukon, Bars, AP, etc.)

Daylight Optics:

* Rifle Scopes POSP
* Red Dot Scopes
* Rifle Scopes PILAD
* Rifle Scopes PO
* Field Binoculars (BKFC, BPC, BZ, etc.);
* Olympus Binoculars (classic and compact);
* Scopes (MP, Pupil, TZ, UM, Kenko, etc.);
* Stabilized Binoculars (BS, etc.);

Magnifiers and Binocular Magnifiers;

Spotting Scopes (Pulsar, Yukon, ZRT, Sibir, Scout, Tourist, etc.)

The Manufacturers We Work With:

Kremlin Optics is the dealer of such leading manufacturers as:

  • The S. A. Zverev Krasnogorskiy Plant
  • Kazan Optics-Mechanical Plant
  • Lytkarino Optical Glass Factory
  • Zagorsk Optics-Mechanical Plant
  • Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant
  • Beltecs-Optic Plant (Belorussia)
  • Vologda Optics-Mechanical Plant
  • Ulyanovsk Instrument-Making Plant
Kremlin Optics


Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple, we never share any customer information with anyone.

Your name, address, telephone number, email address and credit card information remains confidential.

We also do not store any customer information in any online databases.

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If you have any questions, problems or comments please contact us online using our Contact Us Support Form.

We always respond to emails in less than 24 hours and usually within couple of hours.

Feel free to ask us any questions about optical devices and phototechnique. We can also recommend a product if you are unsure what is the best for you!

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