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Rifle Scope PO 5-10x40


The Optical Sight PO 5-10x40 is intended for observation and aimed fire, and designed for use with hunting and sporting weapons. The sight features reticle illumination, allowing for use under both daylight and twilight conditions.


The sight is designed to operate in an open air environment within a temperature range of -40 C to +40 C and relative humidity up to 93% at temperature 25 C.


Magnification, x from 5 to 10
Field of view, deg, 5x/10x 5/230`
Resolution capability, 5x/10x 14/7
Objective lens diameter, mm 40
Scale interval of upper handwheel , 3x/9x 5cm/100m
Scale interval of side handwheel 5cm/100m
Overall dimensions, mm 426x83x179
Weight, kg, net to/brut to 1.35/1.7

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