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Night Vision Goggles PN-20K


PN-20K is a perfect lightweight night vision goggle system generation 1, comfortable to wear and easy to use. It has a light head mask.


Night Vision Goggles PN-20K is a perfect lightweight dual eye goggle system 1 generation, comfortable to wear and easy to use. A powerful IR illuminator makes it possible to get clear and bright images even when there is no light to amplify. Provided with a light head mask, PN-20K can be easily fastened on your head for hands free observation over a long period of time.


  • automatic screen brightness control;
  • high-light cutoff protection;
  • flipping-up head mount;
  • built-in IR illuminator;
  • rigid waterproof design;
  • operating temperature range from -50 to +50C, low temperature is limited by type of battery.


Magnification, fold 1
Field of view, deg 35
Identification range for man sized target under natural illumination 510-3 lx, m 100
Eyepiece diopter adjustment range, d 5
Eye relief, mm 17
Exit pupil, mm 25
Min. focus range, m 0.25
Power supply 2x battery
Continuous operation time w/o IR illuminator, h 10
Dimensions without a mask, mm 144x116x64
Weight, kg 0.45
Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant

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